Mirror Above Fireplace Decor

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Mirror Above Fireplace Decor

Posted by Brazier Aimee on Thursday, 21 May, 2020 08:07:51

This orientation is best for filling the space above lengthy expanses, which is why it has long been the natural choice above a fireplace mantel. We love this shape hung above a long, low sideboard, in an entryway as a spot for a last-minute makeup check before leaving the house, or as a solve for rooms with less-than-lofty ceilings, where tall mirrors can make them feel even lower.

I want to change what I have on my fireplace mantle in my two story living room. The print that I have now is too small. I would like to add a taller mirror or print. I have found several I like. What do you think? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks. This is what's on my mantle Prints that I like.

1974 house, this huge mirror has been over the living room fireplace for at least 25 years per previous owners. We're afraid to take it down before we gut this roomother rooms first.

Mirrors above the fireplace are a timeless decor strategy. Mirrors add depth and reflect attractive features in the room. The reflection in the glass enhances the effect of objet d'arts or candles

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A mirror over the fireplace is still a great look, but make sure to hang it above the fireplace rather than lean it against the wall. When it's propped up, all it reflects is the ceiling and, unless you have an incredible light fixture, that view is ho-hum.