Best Recessed Lights For A Basement

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Best Recessed Lights For A Basement

Posted by Brunot Amoux on Thursday, 21 May, 2020 09:02:06

Recessed lighting is a good choice for suspended ceilings in that it can be low profile yet provide the light that you need. However, care must be taken when choosing the bulbs you install in the recessed lighting. Incandescent bulbs are not a good choice because of the heat that they produce.

How should I add lighting to a low ceiling basement? Ask Question Asked 8 years, I'd like to put some sort of recessed lighting between the beams out of the headroom. I can't seem to find a recessed lighting can that fits within a 6inch beam depth and looks appealing (most are supposed to be

Basement Lighting Issues - Recessed Vs Surface Mounted The following is a list of issues to consider when choosing between recessed and surface mount lights in your basement: Cost - Most projects end up being governed by your budget so it's important to talk about the cost comparison between recessed lights and surface mounted lights .

Recessed LED Lighting for your Basement - Save $700. The only functional part of the trim is that it does reflect light in different ways - like a reflective metal trim versus a white matte trim. It's really personal and situational preference. Save $700 in Basement Lighting Costs ! Now for the cost savings.

Recessed light fixtures are flush with the ceiling, making them great for rooms with low ceilings. Sometimes called can lights or downlights, these fixtures have three main components that can define the type of recessed light: housing, trim style and bulb or lamp type. For more information on lighting your home, check out Home Lighting Tips.

If parts of your basement are above ground, consider adding more windows. More windows will allow more light to filter into the basement, resulting in a brighter and more lively ambiance. To amplify the effect of natural lighting, the furniture and carpeting in the basement should be light in color.